History of Sociology and Anthropology


The Department of Sociology/Anthropology Nnamdi Azikiwe University came into existence during the first semester of the 1985/86 academic session, when Social Science programmes became established within what was then called the Faculty of Humanities in the then Anambra State University of Technology. These Social Sciences Programmes comprised of:

  1. Sociology/Psychology
  2. Economics/Political Science
  3. Political Science/Sociology
  4. Psychology/Economics

At the time, these programmes were offered as combined degree programmes.

In early 1986, however Law and Social Sciences became merged as “the faculty of Law and Social Sciences” comprising of the Department of Law and the Department of Social Sciences in October of 1986, which were based in Enugu were move to Awka.

In 1987, the Departments of Social Sciences and Law, each became a separate Faculty of its own. Social Sciences emerged as a separate Faculty. Each of the Social Sciences degree programmes became constituted into the separate departments of Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, and Economics. Each of these Departments now began to offer its own courses and awarded its own degrees as approved by the curriculum Committee and the Senate of the University.

In 1992/93 Mass Communication was created and joined Sociology/ Anthropology to form one Department. In 1995/96 Mass Communication became a separate Department. In 1996/97, Psychology Department was joined to Sociology/Anthropology Department, to form Department of Sociology/Psychology. In 1999, Sociology/Anthropology became, once again, an independent Department, and has remained so ever since.



  • 1990                            -August 1992               -Dr. E. M. Igbo
  • September 1992       -April 1993                   -Dr. C.C Nwabachili
  • April 1993                –September 1996         -Dr.A.C. Edokobi
  • September 1996      -December1996          -Dr.A.C.Nwabachili
  • December 1996       -October 1999              -Dr. N.G Egbue
  • October 1999          -September 2001          -Dr. A.C.Edokobi
  • October 2001          -February 2002            -Dr.A.U. Nnonyelu
  • February 2002       -February 2005             -Mr.A.O. Obiajulu
  • March 2005            -September 2007          -Dr.A.U. Nnonyelu
  • October 2007         -May 2010                       -Dr.Egbue
  • May 2010               -October 2012                 -Dr. P.C. Ezeh
  • October 2012        -January 2013                 -Dr. I.U. Nwankwo
  • October 2013        -October 2014                  -Dr.I.U. Nwankwo
  • October 2014        -October 2015                  -Dr.Mathias Bentina A.
  • October 2015        -October 2016                  -Dr. Mathias Bentina A.
  • October 2016         -October 2017                 -Dr. Mathias Bentina
  • October 2017         -August 2018                   -Dr. Marthias Bentina A.
  • September 2018    -October 2019                  -Dr. Nneka P. Oli
  • October 2019         -October 2022                  -Assoc. Prof. Nneka P. Oli
  • October 2022         -To Date                            -Dr. Bonaventure Chigozie Uzor