The Faculty of Social Science was established in 1985/86 with three Departments, namely: Economics, Political Science and Sociology/Psychology to award Degrees in Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. It came into existence under the then Anambra State University of Technology (ASUTECH), Awka campus,which became a fully-fledged University through Edict no 5 of November 26th 1991,following the creation of the present Anambra  State, currently the Faculty awards degrees in five different disciplines, namely: Economics, Mass Communication, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology which constitute the five Departments that make up the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Since inception, the Faculty aims to advance the frontiers of knowledge in Social Sciences by nurturing disciplined, self- reliant and excellent manpower that will fit into the demands of the present and future national and global society. Its vision is to be an excellent Social Science Faculty that sets agenda for global development. Its objective is to encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in the Social sciences, to relate Faculty activities to the individual and social needs of humanity with focus on Africa and to create an enabling environment for relevance, competitiveness and excellence in academic pursuit. However, since inception the following are the Deans of the Faculty of Social Sciences:


  1. Prof G.C Unachukwu                      – 1991-1992


  1. Prof. A.F. Uzoka                               – 1992-1994


  1. Prof. N.N. Okoye                              – 1994-1996


  1. Prof. C.C. Nwabachili                   – 1996-1998


  1. Prof. A.W. Obi                                  – 1998-2000


  1. Prof. C.C. Nweke                              – 2000-2002


  1. Prof. A.F. Uzoka                                 – 2002-2004


  1. Prof. Israel Okoye                            – 2004-2006


  1. Prof. Israel Okoye (Acting)              – 2006-2007
  2. Prof. Godwin Onu                             -2007-2009


  1. Prof. E.A. Egboh (Acting)                – 2009-2010


  1. Prof. E.A. Egboh                                – 2010- 2012


  1. Prof. A.U. Nnonyelu                            -2012-2014


  1. Ref. Fr.Prof. J.O. Ezeokana                -2014-2016


  1. Prof.Chinyere Stella Okunna                -2016-2018


16. Prof. R.N Ugokwe-Joseph                         -2018-2021

17. Prof. Nwogwugwu Uchechukwu Collins   -2021-2023

18. Prof. Frank-Collins Nnamdi Okafor        -2023- Till Date