Undergraduate Degree Programme in Psychology

The B.Sc. programme is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To produce research-oriented students capable of designing studies that will address the unique psychological and social problems pertinent to Africans.
  2. To prepare students for post graduate studies in psychology and professional careers in related disciplines like Medicine, Education, Management Sciences, Sociology, Political Science, Law, etc.
  3. To graduate students most fitted in such fields as military and para-military services, prisons, public services, health and welfare services, teaching and educational services, industry, politics, commerce, sports, social research, etc.


The Department of Psychology runs three and four years programmes culminating in B.Sc. Degree in Psychology.

  1. Four-year Degree Programme

In addition to general university admission requirements, candidates for the four year standard programme must have at least a credit pass in English and a credit pass in Biology, or Health Science at ordinary level of General Certificate of Education. A minimum of Pass in Mathematics at GCE O’Level is required.

  1. Three-Year Degree Programme

Three years direct entry candidates should have passed in at least Advanced Level General Certificate of Education subjects, or a good pass in either OND, NCE or equivalent diploma certificate with a pass in either Biology, Health Science, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Agricultural Science or equivalent subjects at ordinary or higher level examinations. A candidate with a diploma in Psychology, Social Work, Law & Nursing certificate or its equivakent in a related area is also qualified for Direct Entry.

  1. Transfer Cases

(a) Inter-Departmental Transfer.

Within Nnamdi Azikiwe University, a student who wishes to transfer inti the Department from another Department must spend a minimum of two (2) academic years in his/her original Department (following UME admission) and thereafter transfer in the second year (200 Level) of Psychology only.

(b) Inter-University Transfer.

A student who is already studying psychology in any university recognized by the Senate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, and is in good academic standing of not less than 3.00 CGPA, can transfer into the appropriate level of Study in Psychology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Transfers will however not be allowed into the final year (i.e. 400 level).

Any student wishing to transfer from a non-Psychology Department in another University should have spent a minimum of two academic years in his/her previous university. Such candidate could transfer into the 200 level only, as a Direct Entry Student.



  • Four year programme for UME candidates
  • Three year programme for Direct Entry
  • The students must have a minimum of thirty (30) hours per semester practical experience in courses in the following areas: Clinical, Educational, Industrial and Social Psychology.