History of Psychology Department

The history of development of Psychology program falls within the development of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In the First Semester of the 1985/86 Academic Session, Social Sciences became established within the faculty of Humanities. Social Science Degree Programmes at the time comprised:

  1. Economics/Political Science
  2. Political Science/Sociology
  3. Sociology/psychology
  4. Psychology/Economics.

Early in the 1986, Law and Social Sciences became “Faculty of Law and Social Sciences” and in October of the same year, it was moved from Enugu to Awka. There were two Departments – the Department of Law and the Department of Social Sciences.

In 1987, the Department of Social Sciences became a separate Faculty from the Department of Law. Social Sciences Programmes included:

  1. Department of Economics
  2. Department of Political Science
  3. Department of Psychology
  4. Department of Sociology

Each of these now offers its own courses and awards its own degrees. Psychology became an autonomous full-fledged Department in 1987 and has grown quite rapidly. The first set of Graduate was produced in 1987/88 academic year and twenty five more sets have graduated since then. Then 2010/2011 set recorded the only First Class product so far, Miss Atalor Adesuwa. The Department Produced her Frist set of Graduate in 1997, with Michael Ezenwa (Now a Prof. of Clinical Psychology) as the first MSc product, and in 2005, the first Doctoral Graduate of the Department, Dr. Harry Obi-Nwosu became the first Ph.D graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Department has also opened a viable Psychological Services Centre, and Offers a Part-time Degree Programme; the Continuing Education Programme (CEP)