Philosophy & Objectives of Political Science

1.1       PHILOSOPHY

The philosophy of Political Science Department is predicated on all out efforts to acquire knowledge, appropriate skills, abilities and competences that will enable her graduates live and contribute effectively to the development of the Nigerian society.  Accordingly, our Programme is informed by the need to produce highly disciplined, self-reliant and excellent graduate imbued with great sense of responsibility to behave and work for the common good of the Nigerian society.

1.2       OBJECTIVES

The degree programme offered in the Department of Political Science has three basic objectives:

(a)        It aims at training men and women who will take up administrative and managerial careers in Government, Industry, International Organizations and Foreign Service or similar occupations.

(b)        It is designed to produce men and women who may pursue advanced studies and careers in research and teaching.

(c)        It is geared towards producing a corps of policy planners in the State and Federal complexes with the ultimate aim of enhancing Nigeria’s industrial and technological progress thereby enabling her play her role as a leading nation in Africa and the world at large.