History of Political Science Department

The Department of Political Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, evolved from the former Department of Social Sciences (1985/1986) and Department of Political Economy (1993) in the then Anambra State University of Science and Technology ASUTECH. The department was headed at the time by Dr. T.N. Igboeli, 1986 – 1987 and thereafter, Dr. D.N Nwatu, 1987 – 1988. Sir P.N. Chikendu succeeded Dr. Nwatu 1988. Under the ASUTECH, the department produced its first graduates in 1989.

Following the conversion of the former Awka Campus of the ASUTECH to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka the department assumed the status of a full-fledged Department in 1992. Sir. P N Chikendu who succeeded Dr. Nwatu in 1988, became the first head of the department when the university became autonomous in 1992.

A couple of years later, the department commenced her post-graduate programme following statutory approval from the University Senate. The Department recorded a major mile stone when she produced her first set of Ph.D. on 06 January 2009 under the headship of Dr. Mike Oddih, now a Professor of International Relations.

Chronology of Heads of the Department

In the two decades of the existence of the Department of Political Science as a full-fledged department in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, it has been led by ten heads. They are:

  1. Mr. P.M. Chikendu 1992-1994
  2. Rev, Dr. I.C. Okoye (now Professor) 1995 – 1997
  3. Mr. P.M. Chikendu 1997 – 1998
  4. Dr. Godwin Onu (now Professor) 1998 – 2000
  5. Mr. P.N. Chikendu 2000 – 2002
  6. Dr. E.A- Egboh (now Professor) 2002 – 2004
  7. Miss Nkoli E. Obianyo 2004 – 2008
  8. Dr. Mike C. Oddih (now Professor) 2008 – 2010
  9. Dr. Frank-Collins Okafor 2010-2012
  10. Dr. Makodi Biereenu-Nnabugwu 2012 to date

Academic Staff in the Department

As at 30 March 2013, the department has sixteen lecturers: four professors, six senior lecturers, three lecturers I and three lecturers II, The academic staff disposition in the department, their rank and areas of specialization and research interest are stated in the accompanying table. At least four academics due for promotion have been assessed and are expected to move to the next rank when the 2011/12 promotion exercise is completed and released. Current Academic Staff Disposition

S/No. NamesRank         Specialization
IVen. Prof. Israel Chuks Okoye B.Sc(1980)UNN, M.Sc (1984) UNN, Ph.D (1989) UNNProfessorGovernment
2Prof. Godwin Onu* B.Sc (1982) UI, M.Sc (1984) UI, Ph.D 11990) UIProfessor



Public Administration

3Prof. Edmund Amaechi Egboh              : BA (1983) Manfla, MA (1984) Manila, DPA(1987)ManilaProfessorPublic Administration



4Prof. Mike Chidebe Oddih B.Sc (1984) UXN, M.Sc (1991) ABU, Ph.D (1998) ABUProfessorInternational Relations / Government
5Mr. Patrick N. Chikendu*** NCE (1966) Alvan Owerri, BSc (1977) UXN, MA (1979) CanadaSenior. LecturerGovernment / Comparative Politics
6Mr. Kenneth Ogechukwu Nwoye B.Sc (1985) UNIMAID, M.Sc (1989) UNIPORT, Ph.D (in view) ABSUSenior. LecturerPolitical Theory / Political Economy
7Miss Nkoli Ebele Obianyo ” B.Sc (1983) UNN, M.Sc (1955; UNN. PhD (in view) UNNSenior. LecturerGovernment
8Dr. Makodi Biereenu-Nnabugwu B.Sc (1985) UNICAL, M.Sc (19S5 UNIPORT, Ph.D (2009) UNIZIKSenior.


Political Theory /Research Methodology
9Dr. Frank-olClins N. Okafor            . B.Sc (1994) UNIZIK, MSc (1998) UNIZIK, PhD (2009) UNIZIKSenior


International Relations
10Dr, Martin Ifeanyi Okeke BSc (1996 ) UNIZIK, MSc (1999 i ESUT , LLB (2004) ESUT, PhD (2009) UNNSenior. LecturerPublic Ad ministration
11Mr. Xorbert Chijioke Abah BA (1986) UNN, MSc (1991) UNN,

MBA  {1997)  ESUT,  PhD  (in  view) UNIZIK

Lecturer 1Public

Administration / Government

12Dr. Jude Chizoba Okafor

BSc (1989) UNN, MSc (1993) UNN, PhD (2011) UNIZIK

Lecturer 1Public


13Dr. Raphael Chukwuemezie Eze             Lecturer 1 BA (1986) UNN, MSc (1998) UNIZIK, ) PhD (2011) EBSUInternational Relations


Department of Political Science

14Mr. Sebastine C. Anekwe B.Sc  (1984)   UNILAG,   M.Sc   (1986) UNILAG, Ph.D (in view) UNIZIKLecturer IIInternational Relations
15Mr. Vincent Obiora Emesibe B.Sc (2000) UNIZIK, M.Sc (2009) Ph.D in view (UNIZIK)Lecturer 11International Relations
16Mr. Alexander \. Agbaenyi B.Sc   (2002)   UNIJOS,   M.Sc   (2009) UNIZIK, Ph,D (in view) UNIZIKLecturer IIInternational Relations


Professor. Godwin Onu is presently on leave of absence Miss Nkoli Ebele Obianyo is presently on study leave

***         Mr. Patrick N. Chikendu is presently on contract appointment following his retirement from active service in 2011

1.6         Current Non-Academic Staff Disposition

1Mrs Chidimma E inweremaduPrincipal Executive Officer II
2Philomina ObianorPrincipal Executive Officer II (Sec)
3Chika OgbagaExecutive Officer
4Livinus OkekeClerical Officer
5Ebere MaduekeLibrary Attendant


The Department has two casual/specialty staff in two critical areas. They are Mrs. Mercy Ndubisi, a cleaner whose duty it is to tidy up departmental offices and lecture halls and Mrs. Mabel Chukwujama-Unegbu, an ICT staff who provides ancillary services in the digital unit of the P. N. Chikendu Library of Political Science and at the same time helps the department meet other ICT related needs.