History of Economics Department

The Department took-off in 1985 as a sub-unit of what was known as Department of Political Economy within the Faculty of Social Sciences in the then Anambra State University of Technology (ASUTECH). Following the creation of New Anambra State in 1991 by the Babangida Administration, Awka Campus which housed the Faculty of Social Sciences became an autonomous institution now known as Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. From then, Economics Unit became an autonomous Department. The first set of students graduated in 1989. Since then, it has been turning out graduates every session except for 1994/95 session as a result of the nation-wide strike by the Nigerian Universities.


1. LEVI C. EZEAKU          1991-1995

2. AFORKA C. IBE            1995-1997

3. PROF. A.W. OBI           1997-1998

4. DR.A.C. EVIUCHE         1998-2000

5. PROF.A.W. OBI             2000-2002

6. ANENE NNOLI              2002-2003

7. LEVI C. EZEAKU            2003-2005

8. PROF.A.W. OBI                2005-2006

9. DR. N.C. OKEKE                  2006

10. LEVI C. EZEAKU                2006-2007

11. DR.A.C. EVIUCHE              2007-2009

12. DR. N.C. OKEKE                  2009-2011

13. PROF.A.C. EVIUCHE             2011-2012

14. DR.U.C.C. NWOGWUGWU    2012-2014

15. DR. KENNETH OBI                  2014-2017

16. DR. UJU EZENEKWE             2017-2019

17. DR. EBELE NWOKOVE            2019-2022

18. DR. C.U. KALU                          2022-PRESENT